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Program-controlled variable backlash
OTT MATIC is the better way for a program-controlled and variable backlash

OTT-MATIC is a special application field for Zahnradfertigung OTT worm gears, absolutely backlash-free or program-controlled variable backlash values within the operating cycle. The OTT worm gear has become a name known all over the world in all fields of machine tool engineering, measuring instrument engineering, in the printing machine sector and for the solution of special indexing tasks in general. However, the applications of OTT worm wears are not limited to these fields; they can satisfactorily solve drive problems of all types and are easy to assemble.

During machining program:

The worm gear without backlash set consists of the shaft worm and hollow worm. Backlash can be changed by turning or moving the hollow worm in relation to the shaftworm.

The teeth have considerably more contact ratio than in standard worm gear pairs. This results in greater power transmission with greater accuracy of the parts.

The OTT-MATIC is a patented option for the OTT worm gear. Depending on the process sequence, a defined minimum or maximum backlash can be set alternatively while the gear is working.