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Components /OTT Worm and worm wheel Gears

Standard worm gears : easy, simple, fast
Les roue et vis sans fin standards établissent un concept simple, facile d'utilisation, rapide et capable de supporter de lourdes charges.

For application where backlash is not an issue, OTT standard worm and gear suits perfectly.

Based on high level of expertise in tooth design, OTT offers:

  • High load line of action (over 56% longer than usual)
  • Multiple starts to optimize lead angles
  • high gear ratio possible
  • easy manufacturing
  • easy design of worm bearing
  • easy assembling
  • mostly you can turn the worm
  • rough applications

OTT manufactures a wide range of worm gear such as :

  • Single, Double, Triple Worm and Helical Worm Reducers
  • Custom designed worm gear and worm wheel
  • Standard and special worm gear sets
  • Specific toothing design and control
Standard worm and worm wheel gear set high load concept, easy fast and simple

OTT put all this know-how about precision accuracy a toothing in pinions manufacturing.
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following the DIN 3974 requierments OTT controls each tooth with high precision.