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spacer For customers who like to make tables by themselves, Allytech offers the most strategic elements. 3 main parts are mandatory : spacer


This is the most important element in the rotary table, of course, multiple solutions exist. Allytech expertise in this area, will assure your choice according to your needs for speed, power, volume, precision and cost :

Allytech provides ALXION torque motors. Frameless brushless motors for direct drive

Direct drive
Torque motor

Torque motors, also known has permanent magnet motors, enable direct drive of the rotary tables.

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Allytech provides OTT worm gear. OTT concept is the best concept for the highest accuracy, offering a backlash free solution. Worm gears without backlash.

Worm gear drive
OTT Systems

OTT worm gear, using 2 half worms and worm wheel is the highest accuracy worm gears concept

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OTT Manufactures high dimensions pinions, to be used in huge rotary tables or windturbines. Internal and external spur, straight or helicoidal spur. helicoidal toothing

For rotary tables over 1500 mm diameter, pinion is often a chosen solution. Therefore several designs are available with internal, external, straight or helix toothing.

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Bearings, roll bearings

Be sure the table is having a nice rotation, use the adequate roller bearing. From this choice depends the final aspect of the piece. Axial –radial bearing gather in one set a solution easy to install. It maintains geometry under heavy tilting efforts, keep a good concentricity under radial forces, and is few affected by workpiece weight. The concept allows high speed rotation. It can be associated as well to worm gear as to torque motor application.

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