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ATK generator as a kit

Permanent magnets generators for low and medium power water mills and wind. For watermill, wind turbine, or marine turbine, thoses alternators make sense, transforming hydraulic or wind power into electric power.
Allytech offers a permanent magnets alternators range to respond to the needs of hydraulic and wind applications of low and medium power (1– 250 kW).
This new technology allows a large range of speed and the variation of this speed in use, making this solution incontournable for an optimized electricity production.
Control of speed and rate of flow aren't mandaroty, this way those alternators are tools economically very well placed with fast payback.
And last, the maintenance free and loss of payback with time make them performants and reliables tools.
Furthermore, this technology connected to electronics devices allow to maintain the installation speed on the best efficicency.
Each element of the generator need a maximum attention and care during installation in order to maximaze the efficiency.
The permanent magnets alternators range ATK is composed of 6 sizes from 140 to 800 with 4 differents length versions.
Mains characteristics of permanent magnets generators ATK
Permanent magnets generators ATK advantages
Permanent magnets alternators -ATK– Complementary data
Permanent magnets alternator 140 ATK
Alternator 140 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 140 ATK dimensions
Permanent magnets alternator 190 ATK
Alternator 190 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 190 ATK dimensions
Permanent magnets alternator 300 ATK
Alternator 300 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 300 ATK dimensions
Permanent magnets alternator 400 ATK
Alternator 400 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 400 ATK dimensions
Permanent magnets alternator 500 ATK
Alternator 500 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 500 ATK dimensions
Permanent magnets alternator 800 ATK
Alternator 800 ATK Technical characteristics
Alternator 800 ATK dimensions