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Combined axial-radial roller bearing for indexing tables
Combined axial-radial roller bearing for indexing tables

Axial-radial precision bearings for indexing tables.
Due to their high axial stiffness and their capacity to bear high tilting moments, this bearings are particularly recommended for rotating, indexing tables and milling heads.

The preload of the bearings increases the stiffness and the rotational accuracy. In presence of a load from the outside, the preload of the bearing eliminates or avoids the backlash corresponding to the elastic Hysteresis due to the load itself. In this case, for a given range of loads, the elastic deformations caused by the load are smaller than in a non-preloaded bearing. Assuming the stiffness is linear (rollers in contact with tracks), at the same axial load the axial deflection is smaller in a preloaded bearings system than in a non-preloaded system.

Combined axial-radial roller bearings, with integrated inductive encoder
bearing with integrated inductive encoder

This bearings series, with integrated angle measuring system are bidirectional axial-radial combined, designed for rotary tables and spindle heads for machine tools.

To improve performances of applications where this bearings series are installed, a new version has been developed. Integrating AMOSIN precision inductive measuring system. The manufacturing precision low resistant torque, high load capacity and stiffness are positioning this bearings range at the top of the market, qualifying them as the most suitable solution for direct drive installations.