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Components / High precision PINIONS


Designed or manufactured to customer's requirement. Allytech works closely with its customers from the feasibility and budgeting process through the design, manufacture to final installation. Any pinion is designed on purpose clients know that the solution is the optimum one.

Pinions can be either toothed or grinded.

Special toothing on demand

The application fields of those custom designed gears are huge, we can name in particular :

moduleMaxi 27Maxi 30
diameterMaxi 3000 mmMaxi 3000 mm
Toothing heightMaxi 590Maxi 1400
High precision toothing. Special toothing design on customer's requierment
moduleMaxi 27Maxi 30
diameter800 toà 2800 mm500 to 3000 mm
Toothing heightMaxi 1000Maxi 1300
High precision tooth grinding
module1 to 321 to 32
diameterMaxi 2600 mmMaxi 2600 mm
Toothing heightMaxi 1000Maxi 1000
Thooth control
Special requestWorm shaftHollow shaft
pinion with special toothing  On request toothing on shaft  Manufacture of special pinions Worm shaft with special toothing  custom made toothing for worm shaft Hollow shaft with special toothing  custom made toothing for hollow shaft pinions manufacturer