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Low and medium power marine turbines

Marine turbines alternators
marine turbine, paddles drive in rotation the Allytech alternator Brushless roto-statoric unit with permanents magnets for electric current generation with low rotation speed. At this stage of development of new energy, subsea, tidal, wave energy, offshore turbines, are also good perspectives for the future of Allytech alternators. The excellent efficiency at any speed make them a simple and economic answer to nowadays challenges.
Thoses rotostatoric installation equippe low and medium power turbines with vertical or horizontal axis.
Allytech offers different configurations for his alternators:
  • As a kit to fit and adapt to third party system, with or without specific tools.
  • Ready to use, built-in with guidance and output shaft to fix to the existing shaft.
  • Alternatively with a speed increaser (if the wheel rotation is slow)
  • Complete generating set, ready to fix on wheel shaft end.
  • Equipped with rectifier, inverter and batteries (for connecting to the electrical grid)
Why to equipped water mill with ALLYTECH generator?
  • The hydraulic power of current will be transform into electrical power. Depending on the water speed, the alternator produce a current with variable frequency and voltage, depending on the rotation speed. In this case is it possible to heat a water tank. To have a stabilized tension at 400V/50Hz (EDF standard) Allytech suggest a rectifier and inverter, eventually with batteries.
  • Large range of winding and dimesions give the best speed / power / size ratio, to generate your own electricity.
Marine turbines equipped with permanent magnets alternator.
Marine turbines equipped with permanent magnets alternator.
  • The rotation speed of small marine turbine, is low (20 to 50 rpm). Fortunately, Allytech alternators produce a high power even at low rotation speed. A speed increaser is often recommended. And in case where it's necessary slackening of the effiency remain minima.
Allytech permanent magnets generators advantages
140 ATK190ATK300ATK400ATK500ATK800ATK
Power : 200 W to 5,5 kW1,1 kW to 8,5 kW3 kW to 19 kW4 kW to 33 kW4,7 kW to 43 kW7 kW to 99 kW
Speed : 650 to 1500 rpm500 to 1500 rpm300 to 800 rpm220 to 800 rpm150 to 600 rpm80 to 400 rpm