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Permantents magnets Alternators

spacer Allytech offers permanent magnets synchronous generators for electrification of watermills and windturbines: spacer

Electric power production from a rotating shaft

Transform the power of water and wind into electricity ?
  1. It's the goal of alternators, or generators. Connected to a turbine, a mill-wheel or blades, the alternators begin to rotate and produce electricity. The output power depends on the rotation speed of the shaft and his torque. Faster is the rotation and higher is the torque, more the alternator will produce power.
  2. The potential speed increaser allows to optimize the rotation speed in order to improve the alternator efficiency.
  3. The electrical cabinet includes a regenerative drive, including a built in LCL line filter and EMC filter. The electric current is stabilized at 400V /50Hz, for domestic use or electricity grid connection.
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Permanent magnets alternators

Allytech offers permanent magnets synchronous generators, with new technology, which allows high power in small volume. The range of permanent magnets alternators meets the needs of low and medium electrical power. In this case, those generators offer a substantial efficiency for watermills, windturbines, waterturbines and any other device using renewables energies.
Generators, ready-to-use or in kits, offer the best weight/power ratio, reducing the number of mechanical parts and therefore the price as well and increase reliability.

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Rotation speed increaser

To allow a high production with a lower cost, it will be usefull in some cases to add a speed increaser.
It will be belt or a gearbox depending on the torque.

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Electrical cabinet

Allyetch, install electrical cabinet for the clients producing a standard electrical current (domestic use, electrical grid connection). To stabilized the current produced, even when the river flow rate vary, a regenerative drive functions as rectifier and inverter. Thus, the electric current is stabilized at 400V /50Hz. Of course the cabinet include all security fonctions and will deal with nature's whims. Batteries (option) will allow to stock some of the produced electricity.