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Rotary Table

UCAM Two Spindle Tilting Rotary Table

For most milling application, Allytech recommends UCAMrotary tables.
Offering a large diameter choice (from 80 to 1200 mm) and multiple form factors:

During the last decades, several innovating solutions have been designed, including the most up-to-date technologies: limited backlash worm and worm wheel gears set or direct drive with torque motor. The range is the answer to the specific needs of machine tools builders.

If you have a bigger or more specific application, Allytech will offer you appropriated equipment. We may provide, table top dimensions up to 6.000 mm and with admissible work piece up to 250 tons.

UCAM Worm geared rotary table WORM GEARED ROTARY TABLE Rotary tables fitted with high precision, near zero backlash worm and worm gear (Duplex Concept). Those tables moves the work piece with accuracy. Quality and long life qualified this family.

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UCAM direct drive rotary table DIRECT DRIVE ROTARY TABLE Using direct drive motor find advantages in frequent speed change, or/and frequent rotation change (cw/ccw) applications. As a result of gearless operation. Ideal for high volume or aerospace production, the tables can deliver high speed and high torque.

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For EDM application, Allytech recommends MATSUMOTO rotary tables (trade mark MMK).

Matsumoto(MMK) EDM rotary table, stainless steel and waterproof table EDM ROTARY TABLE Compact, Stainless Steel NC Rotary Tables are Ideal for Wire or RAM EDM Machines.
With stainless steel construction, each unit has environmental seals that allow unit to be completely submerged in dielectric fluid.

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