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Rotor and stator of ALXION Torque Motor

ALXION, as a pioneer in Torque Motor Technology, thanks to its long experience offers the most reliable and the most performing units.

Thanks to economical and technical optimization provided by materials evolution and performing simulation tools, ALXION has designed and industrialized three ranges of brushless motors for Direct Drive :

Torque motor with permanent magnets. ALXION 801ATK

The alternative to worm gear is direct drive, through a torque motor. ALXION torque motor (www.alxion.com), thanks to very profitable cogging factor, makes high speed very easy. The high dynamic of Alxion torque motor find advantages when application require frequent acceleration, or frequent change of rotation (cw/ccw).

Due to its cutting edge design, limiting the mechanical parts, ALXION cinematic regulation and noise level are best-in-class. Applications are as diversified such as :

STK MOTORS kits the hear of servomechanisms to improve performance of axis control Frameless permanent magnets brushless motors for direct drive


Designed to be integrated at the heart of servomechanisms with the aim to improve the performances of axis control.
Thus, the use of ALXION's Direct Drive Technology offers adequate solutions regarding the improvement of dynamic performances and accuracy and allows to address applications with demanding constraints on volumes and weights.

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ST MOTORS , torque motors for industry, rotary tables, indexing tables Permanent magnets brushless motors with high torque-to-weight for direct drive of low inertia load


To address the industrial new needs, ALXION creates this low inertia motors range. Direct drives allows acceleration up to 20.000 rad/s². 145 ,190 and 300ST ranges present an outstanding compacity with a continuous torque-to-weight up to 3.7 Nm/Kg and a peak torque-to-weight up to 18 Nm/Kg.

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FC Motors from ALXION Torque motors for applications requesting high torque without reducer Permanent magnets brushless motors with high torque


Based on the idea that a specific range should be elaborated, the FC motors range with high torque for axis without reducer was born in the beginning of the 90'.
This project, supported by the National Agency for Enhancement of Research, led ALXION to develop a range of 7 permanent magnets brushless motors, specially designed for direct drive applications in various industrial environments. The motors exist in 230 Vac and 400V / 460 Vac windings.

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